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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The character behind the infamous "UOJ" is the rasha Paul Manilow V.P. of Diamondcard Processing Corp. He is also know as Fievel Mendlowitz (when it is convenient for him) He currently lives in Beverly Hills, he used to live in Flatbush.

Much information is available about him on the internet, some of it will be reposted in the coming days. Some of the good comments will be reposted.

We have compiled a pdf, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that Paul Mendlowitz is the rasha behind "UOJ"

The pdf is very telling of his modus operandi on attacking people on the slightest notion. Any sane person who reads the emails can clearly see this person is demented. Anyone choosing to believe Paul after this is not just a fool, but someone who harbors baseless hate himself.

As someone commented:

"I think you should post a summary of the demented stuff that UOJ-Mendelowitz writes in his emails(some people may miss it in the long email files)

1) Brander is a totally fictitious name made up by a totally fictitious "informant" (Yossi Klein does not exist). Yet UOJ stated that his "investigator" confirmed that it is Brander person who is attacking him.

2) All this despite that fact that "Yossi Klein" told UOJ that he is not sure that Brander is the one unpopular at all. UOJ answers that he found out for sure that Brander is the culprit.

3) Mendlowitz-UOJ also states that people have sent him emails and Brander's name keeps coming up over and over --- when in reality there is no Brander!

4) Mendlowitz-UOJ denies that he posted Brander's name on the UOJ blog when in fact he is the only one who thinks that Brander really exists."

I've been asked to clarify calling Paulie a Mechalel Shabbos.

The post on his blog title "UOJ will not throw in the towel" was posted around 10:00pm motzei shabbos Jul 22. The was no post at 9:35, then I was it at 10:05 - no I wasn't looking at the "old" version of the page the was is the cache. I had my PI verify that he was in LA that shabbos.

I can hear ronnie saying "Who cares if he dosn't have a shred of credibility, has an agenda against yeshivos, is mechalel shabbos, what about the children?"

I am not "Rabbi Y. Kleinman" (He must've installed the software on the computer at my work, we work together)

Click here to download the pdf.


Anonymous Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I am not "Paul Mendlowitz" (he must've used my computer to send e-mails, we work together).

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Watson said...

Your chilul Shabos claim is only as credible as your assertions that: a) He posted around 10:00pm b) He is FM and c) FM was then in LA. I have no reason to believe ANY of those arguments and you need ALL of them. And who is this Sherlock Holmes PI of yours that can identify bloggers. Puleeeeease.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Floyd Landis said...

I am not "Rabbi Y. Kleinman" (He must've installed the software on the computer at my work, we work together)
And the testosterone in my body must've been planted by invisible aliens.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, right. you're moderating. dummy.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I am not "Paul Mendlowitz" (he must've used my computer to send e-mails, we work together).
And live in the same house.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MR. Rosh Yeshiva:

Fine, if you want us to accept your theory about Kleinman, I think you must publicly give credence to The Editor's theory regarding UOJ/Paul swapping e-mail account information.

7:18 AM  
Blogger mr.rosh yeshiva said...

If you want to believe I'm Rabbi Kleinman thats fine with me. I just don't want Uoj's goons going after him, find Rabbi Kleinman and you are pretty close to finding me. I'm not afraid of the rasha Benny Hirsch.

You have got to be crazy to believe Paul Mendlowitz three days after meeting Uoj decided to cover for him at the expense of his family.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Bill Clinton said...

I am not "Rabbi Y. Kleinman" (He must've installed the software on the computer at my work, we work together)

And I didn't inhale.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, who gave you and and Tuvya the heter to call Ben Hirsch a Rasha?

After months of innuendo and open accusations that Ben Hirsch is UOJ, now that you've proven that UOJ is Paul, I believe that a public apology to Ben is in order.

Instead, Ben is a Rasha because he is the chief enabler....

Interestign logic...

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hashem doesn't need IP addresses to know who is who. Elul is coming mr rosh yeshiva. Are you sure you want to be the person responsible this disaster?????? Just because uoj does something wrong, doesn't make it right for you. Is there an al cheit for your sin? Maybe you need to but the new and improved artscroll machzor to clopp al cheit for what you've done. I'm so happy I'm not you.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know sir, a blogger can change the times on any post that he wats to.


9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FACT: The post was not there at 9:35pm new york time.

FACT: The post was there at 10:05pm new york time.

FACT: Paul Mendlowitz was in CA. that shabbos.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it is not Paul then????

9:43 AM  
Anonymous sick to my stomach said...

Well, maybe it is not Paul then????

Duhhhhhh. Now don't confuse me.

I only spent my entire life learning in a bais medrash.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fact that the comment was there at 1005 etc........

one question

Maybe "Ben Hirsch" put it up [Ben Hirsch or any other 'accomplise']

12:00 PM  
Anonymous sick to my stomach said...

the fact that the comment was there at 1005 etc........

one question

Maybe "Ben Hirsch" put it up [Ben Hirsch or any other 'accomplise']


But wait a second... if he's not a mechalel shabbos, then our methods of leveling accusations are just a faulty as uoj's.

And that would make us...just like uoj.




Feel free to explain anytime you're ready.

Look in the mirror you reshaim. Your worse because you claim to represent Daas Torah and the Emes. You're sheker in it's worst form.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Sick in the head said...

Sick to my stomach IS Ronnie Boy AKA the Bozoer Rebbe.

This must feel really stupid about his IP crappola, maybe he's really sick to his stomach.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Auto Report World Editors said...

Sick to my stomach IS Ronnie Boy AKA the Bozoer Rebbe.

This must feel really stupid about his IP crappola, maybe he's really sick to his stomach.

Sorry. I was at a wedding tonight. The food, from Phil Tewel of Jewel Catering, was pretty good, the vegetables were perfect, though my piece of chicken was a little dry. They had some great bbq lamb on the hors d'oeuvre table. Stomach is just fine.

As for IP crappola (Tuvya, does "crappola" count as nivul peh?), this is getting amusing.

Actually, I just left the dialup diaspora and returned to the high speed holyland, with a great deal from ATT. The DSL modem is still occasionally cycling (they said it should settle down after about 10 days or so), so the probability that someone else is using the same IP address as I am is around zero. Unless they broke into my office. Would Rabbi Belsky permit that? I hope not.

The wedding was incredibly leibidik. Two lovely people. The kallah came here as a child with her parents in the bad old days of the USSR. Both of them were graduates of the Leningrad Conservatory. Say what you will about the Soviet Union, it was probably easier to make a living there as a classical musician than here in the US, where orchestras have to deal with market forces. They gave up careers to be able to live as Jews, freely, and they and their now adult kids today are shomrei Torah u'mitzvot.

The wedding was very leibidik. How many frum weddings have you been to that have a string quartet playing during the kaballas panim? It reminded me a little of a shevah brochas of a friend of mine. He was married in Philly, so there was a big catered sheva brachos back here in Motown. His parents are both survivors. His mom is from Syghet in Hungary, the only survivor of 13 brothers and sisters. She says she knew Elie Weisel when "he was a little pisherke". I have a big extended family, 13 first cousins, so I'm used to being at weddings where most of the people there are related to someone else there. I realized at my friend's sheva brachos that most of the guests were survivors and their families, not blood relatives of the bride or groom. They had made a new mishpocha based on a shared experience.

The wedding tonight was like that too. The chatan's mother is a giyerret, so almost all the guests were Russian emigres or friends. Very leibidik. A mazhinka dance too.

One of those friends, lest you think the story about the wedding is a digression, is an actual IT guru, to use a phrase tossed around here derisively.

I'm loathe to use the argument from authority, but I actually know something about IP addresses. I've done computer support professionally including network management, and I'm pretty sure, Mr. Sick In The Keppi, that I've forgotten more about the TCP/IP protocol than you'll ever know. I've been online since 1988, operating one of the first Jewish locations in cyberspace, a Jews For Judaism bulletin board system. This was before you knew that such things as the "internet" even existed, most likely. Before the world wide web was created, but sometime after ARPANET - there was email and usenet newsgroups. I had to learn about protocols and packets and handshakes and I was echoing some of those newsgroups, debating and disputating with meshumadim and missionaries.

I've never claimed to be a computer genius. I don't have any important certifications, and I tend to learn what I need to know when I need it. Back when I set up the Jews For Judaism, a friend of mine (we're not close, he doesn't endorse anything I do, he's a wonderful person, and he's nice enough to talk to me when are paths cross, so please don't say nasty things about him online - he's as yashar yashar a Jew as I have ever met, and I'm only using his name because he's an expert and I want to stop hearing sh'tuyot about IP addresses), Reuven Moskowitz. I could post his bio, but just google Robert G. Moskowitz, the acronyms there are the guys who run the internet. Back then he donated a first generation IBM PC with a huge 10 megabit hard drive (not gig, meg), provided that I bought a Tripp Lite line conditioner - outstanding advice I follow to this day, and taught me the basics of DOS. I think he thought I knew more than I did, because it was hard to catch everything, but once I had the box and started reading stuff, I was able to learn enough to get the BBS up and running. Somewhere I have the original "documentation" from an early copy of PKZip that I bought from Phil Katz himself. That was another of Reuven's provisions - he worked in computer security and insisted that I agree that all software would be legal and licensed.

Reuven happened to be sitting next to me at the dinner. I'm not exaggerating, the man is one of the world's experts on communications security, let alone IP addresses.

He didn't quite snort when I said you guys said that you can't track an IP address on a Blogger site, but he at least smiled broadly. The problem with me, Reuven, and computers is he always eventually ends up talking over my head, but like the dude is about as smart as Bob Buxbaum and Rabbi Irons, and I'm just sort of smart. So he said, in no uncertain terms, that someone like UOJ could easily track originating IP addresses on both page hit and comment submissions.

As for anonymity, he said that with current treaties, you'd have to use an anonymizer in some godforsaken third world country that is probably being used by some really sleazy types like al-quaeda or kiddie porn enthusiasts or Mr. Rosh Yeshiva. (he didn't say the part about Al-Q or Mr. RY and the kiddie porn comment was mine, but he agreed - the dude may be frum but he's not stupid or naive). Bottom line is assume you aren't anonymous is something he told me years ago.

He did mention something no'geah to this issue. He said that his colleagues who track down computer virus scripters and other hackers often use concordance based analysis of the writing samples on hacker boards and chat rooms. Forget about Yossi Klein and Chaim Leib Brander, these guys are pros who have taken down some very malicious people. It turns out that people use a limited vocabulary and this personal concordance can be cataloged. I've always loved my Even Shoshan concordance, btw, much easier to use than the Mandelkorn. But I digress. So it is possible to compare writings of FM and UOJ and possibly identify them. However, what was very interesting was a case where their analysts were able to identify a team of virus hackers because of a shared vocabulary. The problem, though, was that they could not get a level of resolution below that of the team, they could not identify individual members with any reliability because of that same shared vocabulary. He didn't say so, but I think a logical conclusion is that there is no way to know if it is a group of people with a shared vocabulary/agenda or one person attempting to use different personas.

BTW, those of you who think you can out UOJ based on textual analysis may be standing a little uncomfortably close to advocates of the documentary hypothesis.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Rabbi Kleinman said...

This has all been great fun, but I don't care who UOJ is and I have every intention of continuing to read his blog. I would think that most people who agree with what UOJ is doing, if not with all his opinions, will do that same. So what, RY, have you actually accomplished?

2:07 PM  
Anonymous 14 Days Until Elul said...

Remember mr rosh yeshiva, Hashem does't need an ip address to know who you are. I'm sure He's VERY pleased with your latest contribution to klal yisroel.

7:02 PM  

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