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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

With all the failings of Judaism, I still am a very proud Jew. That is why I changed my name from Fievel to Paul, and from Mendlowitz to Manilow. I want Jews to have names they can be proud of. The name Mendlowitz just didn't cut it, it's a getto name. Besides how can I go around being proud of my semicha, when my grandfather insisted on being called Mister?

I also do a great service to Judaism, don't be surprised if you meet me and I'm not wearing a yarmulke. I try not to wear it anymore, I don't want to make a chillul hashem with my actions.

I am very talented, I am a musical composer, and an architect. At least I think so, but then again I also think I am moshiach. I also would wish to believe my website get thousands of hits a month, but how would I know I don't have a hit counter.

So please believe me when I say I get 23,000 emails, and I'm not including the comments I post under different names.

I wasn't always swiping peoples credit cards, I started off teaching. Yeah I was a yeshiva secular studies teacher. Well that didn't work out to well, you see I was around kids, and there were allegations ... if you get my drift. This little crusade of mine is just a way for me to read people's abuse accounts, I get off on it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is my Grandfather I was named after him, but I threw out that name long ago. I don't know what he did wrong to have me as a grandchild, and to be named after him on top of that.

Do you know that he had a very big chassidusha side to him? He was a very into the Tanya.

We will leave him for another post.

My favorite saying is "All great people, are only one person"

I give no credit to Ben Hirsch and all the other people who do my dirty work, they are only puppets. But in truth I'm just the wizard of Oz, a little man with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

I just want to go back to Kansas.

If you want to give credit to Ben Hirsch, call him at
718-377-0607, or 718 -338-5063

This is what Paul wrote 3 years ago:

"let us try to understand what happenned-and fix ourselves!unfortunately,we have a tendency of blaming other people for not getting it.perhaps as a community,we need to examine our communal deeds,as painful as it is.was our criticism done in a respectful and caring manner,or did we vent without being mindful of her feelings?many of her conservative views are embedded in the torah.did envy or jealousy have anything to do with our criticism?the talmud in "brochos" says ,when something bad happens we should examine "our deeds".an orthodox jew giving up the practice of mitzvohs,is definitely something bad that requires us to look at "our communal deeds"-the talmud does "not"however give us the license to examine and judge someone elses deeds.we definitely need to improve OUR ahavas yisroel-the love of our fellow jew,and all mankind!
shana tova"

With your help, and his blog he has come along way.

At least his english got better.

I live in Beverly Hills, it's a status thing, it's good for my ego. What should I do? I'm crazy.

I have the title Senior VP, but in truth I'm just a low life clerk swiping people's credit cards and ripping them off. Did I tell you I blog on shabbos?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi my name is Paul and I am an Un-Orthodox Jew

Hi my name is Paul, and I am Uoj. I am not Ben Hirsch, or Eli Greenwald, but Paul. I am 57 years old.