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Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Paul stop being a disservice to the Jewish Community, using sexual allegation, for a personal vendetta. Sexual assault victims already in our community are sometimes afraid to speak out, associating them with this madman is the nail in the coffin, problems in the area will never come to light. Do to the difficulty proving an assault, and to the extent the victim claims, we sometimes don't know who to believe. With Paul throwing around names, no one will ever be trusted. Paul is putting this issue back in the closet, and not because he cares, but simply because there are yeshivos HE doesn't like.

Paul Mendlowitz has issues with Margolis, but he is wronging all of us to use sexual abuse as the vehicle to take revenge.

This is not about Margolis/Kolko/YTT. This about a systematic effort by Paul Mendlowitz, to destroy yeshivos as a whole. This was never about correcting a problem, this is about Mendlowitz and his issues with the rest of the world.